Aquatain AMF


Independent trials in Australia and international locations including Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Singapore and Sri Lanka, to name a few, have demonstrated that the product is highly effective in killing the immature stages of the mosquito breeding cycle. The film also hinders oviposition (egg laying).

It is effective on all of the main species of mosquitoes: anopheles (the malaria vector), aedes (dengue vector) and culex (West Nile virus) mosquitoes.

This is a summary of the trial results:

  • mortality of all pupae within 3 hours
  • mortality of older larvae (L3,L4) in 1-3 days
  • mortality of younger larvae (L1, L2) within 7 days or less
  • 100% suppression of pupation
  • the film deters females from egg laying
  • many females drown while attempting to lay eggs.
Sydney University Lab Trials
Uganda Field Trials
Sri Lanka Field Trials