MosquitoBlocks are small briquettes which contain Aquatain AMF. Just snap off a piece, drop it into standing water, and it will slowly release the Aquatain AMF as it breaks down. Effective for at least 3 months!’

As MosquitoBlocks are safe to use, the general public can get involved in mosquito control around their home or village. They are totally safe for people and animals, but deadly to mosquitoes!

They can be used on any water containers – including permanent puddles, old tyres, small ponds, pot plant trays, air conditioner trays, and even sewer pits.

Snap off one piece for small containers, and two pieces for larger containers (instructions are on the pack).

Pack sizes: 8 pieces per MosquitoBlock pack for domestic use. Larger packs also available for commercial use.

Click on the link below to see the Aquatain AMF/MosquitoBlocks flyer: