Aquatain AMF

Application Rate and Methods

The recommended application rate for Aquatain AMF is 1 ml per square metre of water surface (10 litres per hectare). Trials have shown that it is effective on the surface for 4 weeks, except in the most extreme conditions.

For almost all situations, Aquatain AMF can be simply trickled on to the water and it will spread across the surface.

It is available in sizes ranging from 50 ml squeeze bottles up to 200 litre drums.

For very small domestic areas such as vases, pot plant trays and old tyres, Aquatain Mosquito Drops or Mosquito Blocks are the best option (see separate sections).

Category A: Small Areas Of Standing Water

This includes water drums, puddles, gutters, pit latrines, blocked drains, construction sites and other standing water around the village or in urban environments.

In these situations, Aquatain AMF can be applied directly from squeeze bottles – either by operatives or even by the general population. We can provide belts and holsters if required.

Category B: More Difficult Conditions

This includes rubbish dumps and other situations where water can collect, but where the water surface is not continuous and it is too difficult to apply Aquatain AMF from a bottle. In these cases, we recommend that Aquatain AMF is applied from a spray unit carried on the back of the operator. A fine mist of the product, when sprayed over the whole area, will form a film over the pockets of water. 

Category C: Larger Areas of Open Water

This includes waterholes and swampy areas which have a water surface too large for treatment with squeeze bottles. In these cases, Aquatain AMF can be simply poured on to the water from 5 litre or 20 litre drums and it will spread across the surface.

Aquatain AMF can also be applied by drones!