Xero ups prices for premium plans

On 28 September 2018, Xero subscribers in Australia would have noticed a price hike on all plans apart for those on standard, starter, and partner plans. Most subscribers will see no change in price. Many will find their plan has extra features at no added expense.

Premium plans had the biggest change in price, rising from $100 to $150 from Premium 100, and $90 to $125 for Premium 50.

The fee hikes begin at the Premium 5 plan, rising to $65 from $60, Premium 10 rising to $75 from $70 and Premium 20 at $90, up from $80.

According to Xero managing director Trent Innes, the price change “reflects a rising cost to serve larger employers on a per-employee basis.”

For the smaller employers, there’s some good news. The standard plan now covers payroll for two employees instead of one, at no extra expense. As small businesses add their first employees, they can be even more confident of keeping costs down.

For more information, please visit XERO’s website.