Top Tips to make your Financial Goals Obtainable

Summer is approaching, and there is no better time to start fresh with obtaining your financial goals! 

Below are 4 top tips:

  1. Budget – Prepare a budget, list all your fixed expenses such as mortgage, utilities and prepare a savings goal.
  2. Track Your Expenses – Keep track of all your expenses – even the smallest item like the coffee you buy every morning on the way to work can help identify your needs from your wants. Through this tool, you can identify what you can really cut down on.
  3. Don’t Pay Pass – We tend to overuse our credit cards – we don’t feel the pinch when we pay pass with them. If you want to stick to your financial goals, slow down on the credit card transactions, only use money you have or try to only use them in emergencies.
  4. Pay On Time – Paying your debts on time will help you achieve financial stability in the long term. Don’t forget to miss a payment, because even a catch-up payment can be painful if not allocated for, not to mention any penalty fees involved.

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