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Our flagship product, Aquatain AMF, is highly effective on all stages of the mosquito lifecycle.

However, the young larvae of some mosquito species may take a few days to die. If it’s necessary to kill all larvae quickly, a complementary larvicide such as Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) can be applied separately. Bti is known to have a swift effect on young larvae, but not on older larvae or pupae.

To combine the benefits of both products, we can offer an exciting product which we have called Aquatain PLUS (formerly Total Impact): Aquatain AMF with the addition of either 2% Bti as a liquid suspension. It’s called Total Impact because of its dramatic and rapid effect on immature mosquitoes.

One application of Aquatain PLUS should be sufficient to cause rapid mortality of pupae and larvae, and be effective for at least 30 days.

Aquatain PLUS …..bringing together the benefits of Aquatain AMF and Bti into a single package!

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DengueDrops are a simple way to target dengue-causing mosquitoes at their breeding source.   

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