About Aquatain Products

Aquatain Products Pty Ltd is an Australian company which has been pioneering its unique liquid technologies since 2006. These technologies have focused on the development of products which form a thin film on the surface of water.

We have dedicated substantial resources to research and development, resulting in a core range of products with global applications.

Aquatain Mosquito Drops are soluble capsules containing Aquatain AMF. They are ideal for application to small water containers where mosquitoes can breed.

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Aquatain AMF for mosquito control is our flagship product. It is highly effective in breaking the mosquito breeding cycle, with potential benefits for controlling worldwide diseases including malaria and dengue fever.  

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WaterGuard GOLD is aimed at reducing the loss of water due to evaporation. Water shortages are looming as one of the world’s major problems in the 21st Century. 

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Gladiator, a relatively new addition to the range, is effective in controlling the spread of oil slicks on water. 

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Although these products have different formulations, the strong spreading pressure of each product ensures that it forms a stable film which is resistant to wind and wave action. 

We will continue to develop innovative products which:

  • address problems faced by the world today
  • are effective
  • are environmentally safe
  • are non-toxic.